Prove and improve the impact social has on the metrics that drive your business.
Measure social success by the metrics that matter most, not likes and follows.
Track how shares lead to engagement, clicks, transactions, conversions, signups, or anything else that matters to your business. Inside Social’s custom goal tracking allows you to define success. Get insights that help your business, not your fan page.
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See the entire social funnel, finally.
It’s time for real attribution. See how a single tweet inspires a blog post, which creates awareness for a user who later purchases the product via a direct visit. Finally, you can attribute value to the social share that started it all. Don’t let (dark) social create holes in understanding your business.
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Make social on your site a driving force, not a hope.
Identify your influencers. Find and create more of your most social content. Optimize your channels and more.
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