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Inside Social is “The Next Big Thing”

Two of Inside Social's co-founders,Brewster and Joey, were lucky to be invited to be on Jenni Hogan's "Next Big Thing" podcast. We dsicussed TechStars, Inside Social, and the future of marketing. Check it out on Geekwire!

Personalization is the Future

The stellar blog over at Hubspot had a great post yesterday on the importance of marketing personalization. We couldn't agree more and think this extends to most of business and of course Social. We think the first step in nailing personalization is having the right data, which as Hubspot points out enables Netflix to drive 75% of hours viewed. This…

Inside Social Is Part of TechStars Seattle 2013!

          We are excited to announce that we have joined TechStars as part of their Seattle 2013 program. The next few months will be a tremendous opportunity for Inside Social to accelerate and DO MORE FASTER. We are thrilled to be surrounded by the many talented teams that have come from around the world to participate.…