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Socially Awkward - Episode 3: Google I/O

  Episode 3: Google I/O Overarching Themes, Mobile, Enterprise, Material Design, Notable Omissions   Want us to cover anything in our next episode? Let us know in the comments or on twitter (@Inside_Social).
Gallup Questions Social Media Marketing’s Power

Gallup Questions Social Media Marketing’s Power

  Social media was supposed to be a gamechanger for marketers. But a few days ago, Gallup released the findings of their survey on the state of consumers in America. Among their findings, was that social media wasn’t a very influential marketing channel. In fact, 62% of respondents said that social media marketing had zero influence on their purchasing behavior…
Socially Awkward – Episode 2

Socially Awkward - Episode 2

    UK Privacy - Pinterest DIY Ads - Tesla Patents - Tumblr Native Ads Across Yahoo - Social Media and the World Cup Want us to cover a specific topic next episode? Comment or tweet @inside_social with #sociallyawkward
Which Brand Will Win The Social World Cup?

Which Brand Will Win The Social World Cup?

  The first World Cup that I really remember was in 2002. I happened to be in Hawaii at the time, and I remember setting my alarm and waking my parents up to watch the early matches, which started between 1am and 6am thanks to the time difference. Fortunately, this time around, the matches will kick off at a much…

4 Things Social Marketers Can Do Beyond Brand Awareness And Image

  Are you ready for the next generation of social media marketing--a social marketing world where you can go beyond the brand awareness metrics of reach, fans, and followers, and actually achieve real business results? 70% of marketers use social media primarily for building brand awareness and image. Many think that’s the only thing you can do. Brands focus on…
Socially Awkward – Episode 1

Socially Awkward - Episode 1

  Socially Awkward - Episode 1 This week's topics: Mary Meeker's Internet Trends, Datalogix Raises $45 Million, Omnicom/Twitter Deal, Pinterest API, Uber/Google Driverless Cars   Want us to cover a specific topic next episode? Let us know in the comments!

The Most Native, Native Advertising

  Marketers are expected to spend nearly $3 billion dollars on native advertising this year. And they’re doing it wrong. Ever since they were allowed to be on social networks, brands have been struggling to figure out how to best advertise on them. Over the last few years, traction has been gained with what has been coined “native advertising.” On…

Don’t Be Satisfied with Last Click Attribution

  Last click attribution is wrong. Or, at best, it doesn’t tell the whole story. It’s especially true in the social media world. Typically, people don’t hop onto Facebook or Pinterest, or any of the social networks to make a purchase. When they engage with brands, it’s largely for discovery and inspiration, or to get the thoughts and opinions of…

A Few More Ideas to Consider on the Facebook Algorithm

  We wrote a few days ago about our take on the Facebook Algorithm update. Josh Constine of TechCrunch gave a great breakdown of the update and provided some clarity on how it all works. I’d like to expand briefly on some of the thoughts he put forth.   1) Facebook brand pages are not a vacuum. Facebook fans are…

3 Reasons the Facebook Algorithm Update is Actually Really Good for Your Brand

  Brands have been up in arms recently since Facebook updated their news feed algorithm, making it increasingly harder for them to reach their audiences organically. Brands have been forced to confront the fact that when they post to their owned facebook pages, they may only be reaching 5% or fewer of their fans (as defined by people who have…
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